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We help scale the teams that differentiate you. Build high-performing teams with the talent you need, exactly when you need it.




Hire the best talent

Our search methodology focuses on the business changers and innovators.

With our 100% rate of successful search completion, we ensure that the very best talent is engaged by your teams.

How do we do it? Resilience, tenacity, sophisticated research, and something that has been lacking in recruitment for far too long, good old common sense. 

Connect with the top 3%

Of the many candidates we engage with, typically only 3% make the cut and are accepted for presentation to our clients.

Our consulting team specialises across a range of disciplines providing experienced specialists to execute the most complex assignments where skills may not exist within an organisation or the current span of skills is stretched beyond capacity.



Evolution | Innovation | Trailblazing

Technology is our passion and whether you're a start-up disrupting the market or perhaps an established vendor, we understand your challenges. Attracting the best talent in this uber competitive, yet exciting technology market is a real challenge for organisations of all sizes.

Luumin remains the destination for the greatest minds and talent. We thrive on technology, we enjoy connecting with the best talent in the market.

Use us. Our knowledge, our networks, our community is now yours. 



The meeting place where exceptional talent connects with fascinating opportunities.


We’re excited to be driving innovation. Where there’s a challenge, we have the people. Luumin is much more than a specialist IT search firm; we're on a mission to spark technological change and growth in rapidly expanding and innovative technology firms globally.


Our team of experts apply the Luumin formula to bring tech geniuses and the world's leading innovators and leaders together.


We were created with the mission to support ambitious individuals and companies as they innovate. We aim to create partnerships that propel change.

It sounds simple but we work in sectors that constantly innovate and strive to source individuals who are ahead of any curve.





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