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Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Privacy

At Luumin, we respect the confidentiality and privacy of all personal information provided by candidates, clients, and external parties. Your personal information will be only for the purpose for which it was collected and kept confidential. This Policy details how Luumin collects, uses, protects and shares personal information.  


The Nature and Role of Personal Information

This is any information used to identify you, including name, address, age, gender, compensation package, employment history, references, and identification numbers. When you give us your information, you will be informed as to its purpose and intended use - and it will be used only for those purposes. We will submit your personal information to clients when necessary for the application process, and your details will never be sent to any client without your consent. We may also have to submit your information to others when required to do so by law. The information you provide is retained on our database for consideration in future assignment shortlisting, unless you notify us that you wish to be removed. If you do wish to withdraw consent this will be respected and actioned. Data is also kept for legal and financial compliance. 


You are entitled to access the personal information we retain about you, and to amend it for accuracy whenever you wish to do so. If you have any queries about the way we have handled your personal information, we will investigate and respond to you as necessary.         


If you are a candidate, we ask for information so you can be considered for a specific position or client. Before submitting your information, you will be asked for consent to share the information with those clients. You may choose to withdraw consent at any time. If you are a client who has retained us for executive search, we ask for your information to assist our search. This may be related but not limited to, your organization's culture, requirements and future plans. If you are providing a reference for a candidate, we will ask specific questions that are related only to the performance and skillset of the candidate and verification of information.  


Sources of Personal Information 

If you are a candidate, most of the data we collect is provided by you, and the rest may come from third parties assisting us in our searches. You may choose to withdraw consent to the collection of this information, or you may refuse to provide it, in which case we will always respect your decision. We will also inform you of the impact that this decision may have on our ability to submit you for consideration to our clients.  


Release of Personal Information

Your information will not be provided to any external parties except for our clients. In the case of retained search, your details may be provided to clients looking for individuals with your qualifications and experience. If required or permitted by law, we may have to share your information, for example: to comply with a warrant or court order, if required by the government under lawful authority. In very exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary for us to disclose your details to protect the interests of Luumin. In such a case, we would ensure that the disclosure of your information was unavoidable in the circumstances and only that which is necessary will be disclosed. We will never sell your personal information to other organizations. 


Protecting Your Personal Information

Luumin stores your personal information on databases located in the UK and US, using safeguards such as security software, firewalls and internal passwords to prevent hacking and unauthorized computer access. As part of our Terms of Business with clients, they are also bound to keep data confidentially and not use your personal information for any other purpose. If requested to provide information to a legal order or authority, we first make sure that this is a legal requirement and disclose only that which is required. We will continually monitor our procedures to ensure compliance and effectiveness. We keep your data for as long as it is necessary for us to have enough information to respond should any issues arise at a later date. This may be after your relationship with us ends, but when your personal information is no longer required it will be securely destroyed or anonymized.        


Your Right to Access

You have a right to access the information we hold on you. You can contact us to arrange access. We will respond to you as soon as possible, and certainly within 30 days. If for some reason we cannot provide you with this information, we will let you know. This may arise if the records reference other individuals, due to legal privilege or for other legal reasons.  



Having accurate records help us to find the right candidates for our clients and the right jobs for our candidates. You can help by keeping us informed of changes to your personal information, or any corrections in case they are inaccurate. If we do not agree with your corrections, we will record both versions.  



For any queries about privacy, please contact us:

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