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The client

Veracode offers a holistic, scalable way to manage security risk across their clients' entire application portfolio. Veracode provide visibility into application status across all common testing types in a single view.

Veracode simplifies AppSec programs by combining five application security analysis types in one solution, integrated into the development pipeline. With comprehensive analysis, enterprises covered today and as their programmes evolve.

The role

Job title: Vice President EMEA

Location: United Kingdom

The brief

Luumin were approached by the CRO at Veracode to help them establish a firm European presence. We were tasked to search for a Vice President for EMEA. Veracode historically had attempted to break into, and scale, their European business but things had not worked as they would have liked, which made this search even more critical. The role was to find a senior individual with a cybersecurity background to be based in the UK. They were to be tasked with growing the European business and had to have a rare mix of experience including, understanding how to scale a business from the ground up, ability to bring in new logos and customers, whilst all at the same time hiring and growing a sales organisation across EMEA.

The solution

We set out to compile a very targeted shortlist of senior sales executives with experience of selling application security solutions across EMEA. The main challenge was that the pool of candidates with such specific experience of a niche market and niche technology was extremely limited, resulting in an initial long list being compact and focused, in all the long list consisted of only15 candidates who met the requirement. 

Recruiting senior talent for a start-up that develops and markets niche technology requires proactively positioning the role, company, and technology.  We had to be innovative and agile enough to present the opportunity and our aim was to ensure the top 4 candidates on our list were convinced of the opportunity.

Subsequently, we did prevail and were able to present an extremely targeted and highly specific final shortlist to Veracode, of the final 4 candidates, 2 of them had either worked for Veracode's direct competitors or were currently working for them. The process was seemless as Veracode proceeded to interview all 4 candidates and the outcome of the process was they hired the most highly qualified candidate of the shortlist, the candidate who had established their main competitors business in Europe.

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